Why trading?

            Trading is one of the most fulfilling occupations an individual can have. Ideally trading is highly profitable and enjoyable, but it is still one of the most challenging endeavors you will face, which is why the Market Nerd is ready to support you on this journey.

            Firstly, trading the foreign exchange market can be one of the most rewarding experiences, both monetarily and mentally. Being able to participate in the largest market in the entire planet and making the right decisions, which eventually pay off,  will make you feel uplifted and confident, which is something all traders can agree on. Every day in the market is unique, with its own fluctuations and surprises, and prices flow constantly 5 days of the week, providing countless opportunities for you to trade and capitalize from. The liberty that the foreign exchange market provides is why most people are attracted to trading, but with such characteristics, self discipline comes in need. The market is limitless, no one imposes rules on your activity on the market, therefore a trader should be able to create his own ‘regulations’, in order to maintain a ‘healthy’ behaviour in relationship with the market. This means having a detailed blueprint about everything that affects your trading performance, and furthermore having the discipline to follow that exact blueprint.

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