Forex market hours & trading sessions

            Foreign exchange market hours refers to the specified period of time when retail traders can actively speculate in the forex market. As mentioned in previous lessons, foreign exchange trading occurs in multiple financial centers worldwide, which implies that trading in this market is not confined by the working hours of financial institutions in a particular timezone. Even after trading in London has finished and banks have closed for the day, London-based banks and corporations with affiliates in other time zones can remain active in the market, due to the difference in time zones and operating hours of financial institutions throughout the planet. Similarly, foreign exchange traders can actively participate in the market at any time of the day. Conclusively, the foreign exchange market is active 24 hours during weekdays (From Monday to Friday), and it suspends its activity during the weekend, along with the banks. The market closes at 5 P.M EST (New York time) on Friday and opens again on Sunday at the same time. We can observe the  four main foreign exchange trading sessions on the figure below, along with the respective time in which they open and close. 

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