How can we participate in the foreign exchange market?

            With the advancement of technology in the recent decades, it is now easier than ever to trade in the foreign exchange market. In this day and age it is effortless for anyone to connect with a broker, deposit funds and start speculating in the market, with access to accurate data feeds and charting platforms containing crucial analytical tools, all available through the internet, irrelevant of your location or any other factor that might have an influence on other activities. 

            In order to participate in the largest market in the world, a retail trader first needs to find a trusted broker,  which connects the trader with the market. Trading accounts can be created through the broker, and then the trader can deposit funds to their account,  so they can trade in the market as they wish, through their electronic device (smartphone, PC, tablet etc). However, it is important for the trader to conduct a certain analysis before risking their capital in live markets. The importance of brokers, and the different type of analysis are further discussed in upcoming lessons. 

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